Resonance FM 17.1.18

This past Wednesday I span an ever-eclectic mix of tunes, from the French sailing documentary soundtrack of 'Cap Horn' to the Australian "hillbilly" country of 'Cowboy'. Along the way was a wild journey through South London experimentation, Shropshire helium pop, contemporary Ethiopian popular music, Japanese video game music, and a Shibuya-Kei rarity. Oh yeah!

Dig That Treasure (17/1/18)
Clement Gourand - Cap Horn
Svetlana - Fabric Of The Sky
Jerskin Fendrix - Onigiri
Wondimagegn Chane - Gelaye
Jun Ishikawa - Quiet Forest
Mayumi Kojima - 恋の極楽特急
The Trailblazers - Cowboy

Resonance FM 10.1.18

I kicked this show off with a track from the amazing Ostinato Records compilation Sweet As Broken Dates, a collection of Somali pop tunes from the 70s and 80s. I played 'Haddii Hoobalkii Gabay' first, but would later spin 'Qaraami', too. Also on this episode was the cheesy exotica-yacht-rock of Belgian group Kawasaki Band and their tune 'Summer 78' and the sweet, plodding, whistling 'Mercy' from the Thai film Tears Of The Black Tiger. I also played two vaporwave tunes (or two songs roughly part of that microgenre): first, the awesome 'Twilight Pretender' by James Ferraro, one of the best tunes of last year, and then Neo Sunsetters by PrismCorp Virtual Enterprises, which somewhat skirts the line of subversive experimentalism and corporate sheen.

Dig That Treasure (10/1/18)
Hibo Nuura - Haddii Hoobalkii Gabay
Kawasaki Band - Summer '78
James Ferraro - Twilight Pretender
PrismCorp Virtual Enterprises - Neo Sunsetters
Xasan Diiriye - Qaraami
Veera Bamrungsri - Mercy

Resonance FM 20.12.17

This episode was the first dedicated Christmas show I've done, which seems a bit weird considering the show's been going four years. As one might expect, I tried to play the strangest and obscurest Christmas recordings I could, with a couple of better known tunes thrown in for balance. The episode kicked off with a disco version of 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas' by the Mistletoe Disco Band, a set of session musicians. I then played examples of two early technologies that would later become prominent in electronic music, the vocoder and the synthesiser. The first was jingle(?) in which a voice sings 'Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer' through a voice box (this one was invented in 1939). It's not unlike the early Alvino Rey experiment 'My Buddy'. And then I span a rendition of 'O Holy Night' performed on the moog in 1969 (the moog only began to appear 1967). Next was a recording of Bahaman gospel/folk/blues artist Joseph Spence from three years later, drunkenly playing 'Santa Claus Is Coming To Town' and making a real hash of the lyrics. It's hilarious. Tatsuro Yamashita, of Hosono/Yamashita/Suzuki fame, was next, with his 1983 tune 'Christmas Eve' which is a Christmas staple in Japan. Bringing it right up to today, I span a track by A. G. Cook/Danny L Harle collaboration Dux Content, the amazing 'Snow Globe'. Ending the show was a song I've played on the show before, a somewhat mournful but really beautiful remix of 'Have Yourself A Merry Christmas' by Norwegian producer and beat-maker Torkelsen.

Dig That Treasure (20/12/17)
Mistletoe Disco Band - We Wish You A Merry Christmas
PAMS - Reindeer
The Moog Machine - O Holy Night
Joseph Spence - Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town
Tatsuro Yamashita - Christmas Eve
Dux Content - Snow Globe
Torkelsen - Christmas

Resonance FM 13.12.17

Not sure how I'd got this far into Dig That Treasure!'s life without spinning Jeannie Piersol's song 'The Nest' on my show but, ay, I did on this episode! It's a real underground classic that shows its head periodically in musical corners of the internet. Next was two tunes by cult pervert weirdo Tonetta. I played two of his more radio-friendly tunes, 'The Saint' and 'I'll Remain As I Am.' I then span a song by Samsimar (their other tune, 'Indang Pariaman', also on Folk & Pop Sounds of Sumatra, is an all-time fave) before spinning two cuts of haunting old easy-listening-jazz-pop by Al Bowlly (the latter sampled by The Caretaker). Closing the show was a great track by Malian singer Aichata Sidibe.

Dig That Treasure (13/12/17)
Jeannie Piersol - The Nest
Tonetta - The Saint
Tonetta - I'll Remain As I Am
Samsimar - Bapikek Balam
Al Bowlly - Guilty
Al Bowlly - Heartaches
Aichata Sidibe - Tamala

Resonance FM 6.12.17

This episode was crammed with treasures. On average, an episode of DTT! features six tracks. Sometimes it works out that I play seven; sometimes, only five. This episode featured eight cracking tunes... and of great diversity, too! It kicked off with the bonkers, jam-packed, maximal 'Adjame Freedom' by Ivorian coupé-décalé artist Mareshal DJ. I brought it down a wee bit after that, with a (relatively) minimal piece of glitchy electronica by Maxo, before returning to hyperactive madness with one of my favourite songs of the year, the amazing 'Pobbles' by, er, Pobbles (assumedly it's A. G. Cook in disguise). Maxo has previously released on PC Music and Pobbles is a PC Music project, so that's a connection, I guess. Next up was a laid-back, romantic(?) R&B tune from Kenyan artist Synmaan. I followed that with an instrumental demo version of Tamao Koike's classic treasure 'Automne Dans Un Miroir' before dropping two tunes from the new Nicholas Krgovich album (out now on Tin Angel!) Closing the show was another Japanese tune (and, like 'Automne Dans Un Miroir,' also released in 1983), this time from Mariah.

Dig That Treasure (6/12/17)
Mareshal DJ feat. DJ Arafat - Adjame Freedom
Maxo - Eddy Vancouver
Pobbles - Pobbles
Synmaan - Makhulu
Tamao Koike - 鏡の中の10月(demo ver.)
Nicholas Krgovich - Country Boy
Nicholas Krgovich - Blue Wave
Mariah - 視線

Resonance FM 29.11.17

Kicking off this episode was Cloud Becomes Your Hand, the New York art-rock band. I then span a great tune from the late Zimbabwean singer Comrade Chinx - check out this album cover if nothing else! I played another tune by Yemane Barya (who I'd also played a few weeks back) as well as a cut from one of D'Eon's Music For Keyboards series, before ending with an absolutely gorgeous ambient track by Beverley Glenn-Copeland called 'Ever New.' The song features on a compilation released this year called Space, Energy and Light.

Dig That Treasure (29/11/17)
Cloud Becomes Your Hand - Garden of the Ape
Comrade Chinx - Munhu Denga Nenyika
Yemane Barya - Kulu Entnay N'aki
D'Eon - Aviation Graveyard
Beverley Glenn-Copeland - Ever New

Resonance FM 22.11.17

I opened this episode with a song by Algerian great Warda Al-Jazairia, an obscurity by Hawaiian artist Paul Mark, Ethiopian jazz legend Teshome Meteku, and a contender for my favourite song of the year, Sophia Kennedy's 'Hello, I Found You.' I also played a run of three tracks that subvert or play on the notion of easy-listening/lounge music: first, Sebastian Cabot (Bagheera's voice in Jungle Book) doing a dramatic reading of Bob Dylan's 'Like A Rolling Stone' over an elevator-music backing-track; second, Devo's easy-listening version of their own hit 'Come Back Jonee'; and finally, Z-Rock Hawaii's bonkers 'I Get A Little Taste Of You,' a comedy-noise-pop collaboration between Ween and Boredoms.

Dig That Treasure (22/11/17)
Warda Al-Jazairia - Ya Lahbab
Sebastian Cabot - Like A Rolling Stone
Devo - Come Back Jonee (EZ Listening Disc version)
Z-Rock Hawaii - I Get A Little Taste Of You
Paul Mark - Comparing Heights
Teshome Meteku - Mot Adeladlogn
Sophia Kennedy - Hello, I Found You