Resonance FM 8.11.17

I'm going to go ahead and prematurely call this episode a classic. It had a bit of everything: mash-up plunderphonics, MIDI composition, Nepali pop, an all-time Ethiopian great, glitchy ambient folk, Smithsonian "ghetto reali[sm]," country-rock-n-roll and awesome South African rhythms. I love the diversity of this episode, and the general flow/sequencing of it. Tickets for Aldous RH, Wharfwhit and Kiran Leonard at Paper Dress Vintage still available here.

Dig That Treasure (1/11/17)
Go Home Productions - Grandstand Supreme
Giant Claw - Deep Thoughts 001
Namdup Lepcha - Katso Khel
Mahmoud Ahmed - Be Leselese Qu'al
Eartheater - Homonyms
Nancy Dupree - Cold
Buddy Wayne - I Wish That Little Girl Was Mine
Khosi Mosotho Chakela - Ho Etsa Hampe Le Hantle

Resonance FM 1/11/17

This episode kicked off with a creepy and light-hearted (I guess?) Mormon anthem by Janeen Brady. I followed with a diverse bunch, from Ethiopian oldie Bahta Gebre Hiwot and American Primitive guitarist Suni McGrath to Arabic synth-jam 'Khabarie' by Ihssan El Munzer and the classic 'Sparkling World' by Roberto Caccipaglia and Ann Steel. I also played two tracks by new female producers AMAZONDOTCOM (Los Angeles) and Audrey/Svetlana (South East London). Tickets for Aldous RH, Wharfwhit and Kiran Leonard at Paper Dress Vintage still available here.

Dig That Treasure (1/11/17)
Janeen Brady - I'm A Mormon
Bahta Gebre Hiwot - Tigrigna
Suni McGrath - Pea Plucker's Pavane
AMAZONDOTCOM - Ra Ra Raspberry
Audrey/Svetlana - Chanel Afterparty
Ihssan El Munzer - Khabarie
Roberto Cacciapaglia - Sparkling World

Resonance FM 25/10/17

The latest episode featured tunes from France, Ethiopia and Japan, in the form of Les Maledictus Sound's somewhat offensive 'Jim Clark Was Driving Recklessly', the amazing horns and vocal performances of Selamawit Yohannes' and Girma Tefera Kassa's 'Senay' and 'Man Neber Yalanci', respectively, and the romantic Hosono-related pop of Kazuhiko Kato. I also span tracks by Arabian Prince In A UK World, Wharfwhit and Aldous RH - the latter two of whom will play the next Dig That Treasure! gig on December 4th at Paper Dress Vintage. It's gonna be amazing! Tickets here.

Dig That Treasure (25/10/17)
Les Maledictus Sound - Jim Clark Was Driving Recklessly
Selamawit Yohannes - Senay
Wharfwhit - Little Pebbles In My Sock (feat. Sonny)
Aldous RH - Sick & Tired
Arabian Prince In A UK World - The Feeling Of Being On A Diet
Girma Tefera Kassa - Man Neber Yalanci
Kazuhiko Kato - Gardenia

Resonance FM 18/10/17

This week's episode was a little different to usual, spinning thirty minutes of (almost) uninterrupted nostalgic, spiritual and playful ambient music. Each track was equally distinctive: the visceral and naturalistic field-recording based tracks by Ernest Hood and Virginia Astley; Mark Isham's mini-epic 'On The Threshold Of Liberty'; Alice Coltrane's stunning spiritual 'Jagadishwar'; and Syrinx's trippy, cinematic 'Hollywood Dream Trip'.

Dig That Treasure (18/10/17)
Ernest Hood - At The Store
Virginia Astley - A Summer Long Since Passed
Mark Isham - On The Threshold Of Liberty
Alice Coltrane - Jagadishwar
Syrinx - Hollywood Dream Trip

Resonance FM 11/10/17

Kicked off this episode with an uplifting earworm from Jon Tabakin's self-titled private press record. I then played a trio of tunes that represent the intersection of technology and materiality, electronic and acoustic, digital and analog: first, I Am Just A Pupil's meeting of a child's conversation with Siri and some new-age music; then James Ferraro's astounding 'Ten Songs For Humanity', from the album Human Story 3, which saw Ferraro represent orchestral arrangements and instrumentation digitally through MIDI; and finally Isao Tomita's cosmic synth rendition of Debussy's Arabesque No.1, which features some of the greatest synth sounds ever produced. I then played a tune from one of my favourite voices, the wonderfully distinctive Yeshimebet Dubale, before closing with Kiyohiko Senba's triumphant and bonkers theatrical piece 'Sports Festival'. Tickets for tomorrow night's gig are still available here before they increase to £7 on the door!

Dig That Treasure (11/10/17)
Jon Tabakin - It's Never Too Late To Smile
I Am Just A Pupil - Oasis
James Ferraro - Ten Songs For Humanity
Isao Tomita - Arabesque No.1
Yeshimebet Dubale - Ayimeshim
Kiyohiko Senba & The Haniwa All-Stars - Sports Festival

Resonance FM 4/10/17

I opened up the night with a great Ariel Pink deep cut 'I'm Inside R. Stevie's Brain', an ode to the outsider legend taken from his album FF (and later included on the R. Stevie Moore collaboration album Ku Klux Glam). Next up was a tune from new London producer rAHHH, who I only discovered via a housemate a few hours before the show. I then span a cut from Smithsonian Folkways album Six Boys In Trouble before a track by Japanese rock group Cymbals. Remaining in Japan, a song by Ippu-Do followed, leading into a Foster Manganyi tune (as sampled in Jessy Lanza's 'It Means I Love You'). I closed the show with the opening song from Dan Armeanca's amazing Outernational Days 2016 set. Tickets are still available for the first Dig That Treasure! vs. Moshi Moshi Records night on October 12th here!

Dig That Treasure (27/9/17)
Ariel Pink - I'm Inside R. Stevie's Brain
rAHHH - Dog Days
Six Boys In Trouble - Riding Hood Boogy Man
Cymbals - Show Business
Ippu-Do - Yomotolo Waya
Foster Manganyi Na Tintsumi Ta Tilo - I'm Taking A Journey
Dan Armeanca - ?

Jon Tabakin - It's Never Too Late To Smile

Label: n/a , Tapete Records (reissue)
Year: 1975, 2017 (reissue)
Genre: Private Press, Power Pop, A.M. Rock